Costs / Versions - Overview
If you want to apply for one or more licenses of our sexy manifesting software DZ-Manager or calculate costs of licensing you can do so here.

Price 1) 8)
Personal version
  • connects to a local MS-Access database
  • runs on a single PC
  • includes DzM-POS-Mode: a virtual Manifest- / Clipboard where skydivers can manifest themselves
  • no security features
  • free 30 minute of support, e.g. for online introduction course / training or setup
  • free JumpRun or other data conversion
free0,- EUR
Professional version
  • connects to a MySql database server over a network or a local MS-Access database or a web service
  • allows multiple clients to access the same database, even over the internet
  • different security levels assure that skydivers manifesting themselves don't have access to the whole system
  • includes Online-Tools: different techniques to access your DZ-Manager database from a website
  • free 120 minute of support, e.g. for online introduction course / training or setup
  • 30 % discount on optional first time on-side-setup and training
  • free Jump Run or other data conversion
Rented / monthly
per connection4)

35,- EUR
6 connections 3)
(6 for price of 5)

175,- EUR
1 Load-Viewer
(with 3rd party ads)

20,- EUR

Lifetime / onetime
per connection 4)999,- EUR

6 connections 3)
(6 for price of 5)

4.995,- EUR
1 Load-Viewer
(with 3rd party ads)

499,- EUR
Trade JumpRun 5)
(per JR license)
749,- EUR
Support / Training
  • Configure DZ-Manager
  • Install computers and network
  • Train staff
  • Manifesting
  • everything else you need ...
per hour90,- EUR
per day 2)900,- EUR
Custom features
  • Custom report or interface
  • New function
  • Your own logo on the DzM-POS-Mode
  • whatever you need and can think of...
from0,- EUR
to more than9.999,- EUR
depending time and effort

Costs / Versions - Details
Personal Version
The personal version of DZ-Manager is free of charge, costs only arise from the hardware and / or support you need.
DZ-Manager personal version is still a full grown manifesting application. The main restriction is the limitation to one PC. If you can manage 50 Twin-Otter-loads a day and thousands of skydivers a year with one PC you can very well stick to this version.
Plus you can upgrade to the Professional version at any time without re-installing or loosing data.

Professional Version
The professional version needs a license for each concurrent connection to your database**, while it can be installed on an unlimited number of PCs.
The price for one license is 999,- EUR 1) 8). You can also rent licenses for 35,- EUR 1) 8) per month

Example: you purchase 2 licenses but install DZ-Manager on 3 different PCs.
In this scenario you can run DZ-Manager on two PCs at the same time. Before you start DZ-Manager on the third PC you need to close it on one of the others.

Discount: we offer discounts for customers who purchase a certain number of licenses at the same time or choose to advertise DZ-Manager on their web site and drop zone. Contact us for more information.

Support / Training / Hardware
If you need support in setting up your system or training your staff, you can hire us to help you. We also offer ready-to-go solutions: order your PC with us and you are ready to manifest once it arrives.

Discount: we offer discounts for first time installation at new customer's drop zones as well as you book us for a certain time. Contact us for more information.

Custom features
If you are missing a feature or function we will happily add it on your request. If all our customers will benefit from it we will add it for free, otherwise we will be happy to estimate a price after discussing what you need.

1)  plus 19 % German VAT for German invoice recipient and EU-residents without valid VAT-identification-number;
     invoice recipient from non-EU countries, e.g. USA, will not be charged with VAT.
2)  if service is provided 'on site' (= not online) cost of travel and accommodation come in addition.
3)  for every 5 full professional licenses you purchase you get one license free, e.g. you get 6 licenses for the price of 5
4)  for each concurrent connection to your database at one drop zone. Installation of the software is allowed on an unlimited number of PCs.
5)  we give a discount for every license of a competing product that is traded in when purchasing a lifetime DZ-Manager license;
     if your product is not available to be chosen, we will come back to you with an offer but as
     a rule of thumb: the discount will be around 25% of what the competing product was originally purchased for.
6)  you can find your customer number in the DZ-Manager about menu and in your original registration eMail. If unsure put in -1 and we will contact you if needed
7)  License agreement (All but Germany)  /  Lizenzvertrag (Deutschland)
8)  All invoices are billed in EUR; if you are viewing prices in other currencies than EUR, the exchange rate is an estimate and may change in the future.

If you have questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us at