Costs / Versions - Overview
On this page you can see various products we offer for the drop zone industry as well as the prices we charge.

DZ-Manager is our sexy and complete manifesting and drop zone management software.
If you want to apply for one or more licenses or calculate costs of licensing you can do so here.
See the Editions overview page for more details.

Community Edition  free  
The Community Edition of DZ-Manager - formerly known as "Personal version" - is free of charge, costs only arise from hardware and / or support needed.
DZ-Manager Community Edition is still a full grown manifesting application. The main restriction is the limitation to one PC as well as some missing additional features / modules. See the Editions overview page for more details.
If you can manage 50 Twin-Otter-loads a day and thousands of skydivers a year with one PC you can very well stick to this version. Also upgrading to any higher edition is possible at any time without re-installing or loosing data.

Price 1) 8)
  • connects to a local MS-Access database
  • runs on a single PC
  • includes DzM-POS-Mode: a virtual Manifest- / Clipboard where skydivers can manifest themselves
  • no security features
  • free 30 minute of support, e.g. for online introduction course / training or setup
  • free JumpRun or other data conversion
free USD 0.-
Professional Edition  
The Professional Edition of DZ-Manager needs a license when run but can be installed on an unlimited number of PCs 4).
DZ-Manager Professional Edition is the perfect solution for dropzones in need of using the software on multiple PCs at the same time and / or web-based tandem and jump booking. See the Editions overview page for more details.

Price 1) 8)
  • connects to a MySql database server over a network or a local MS-Access database or a web service
  • allows multiple clients to access the same database, even over the internet
  • different security levels assure that skydivers manifesting themselves don't have access to the whole system
  • includes Online-Tools: different techniques to access your DZ-Manager database from a website
  • some features are only available for an additional fee
  • free 120 minute of support, e.g. for online introduction course / training or setup
  • 30 % discount on optional first time on-side-setup and training
  • free Jump Run or other data conversion

Rented / monthly
per connection4)

USD 42.29
6 connections 3)
(6 for price of 5)

USD 211.-
1 Load-Viewer
(with 3rd party ads)

USD 24.17
The web based DZ-Manager Online-Tools allow your customers to book their tandem jumps as well as your fun-jumpers to manage their account.

Price 1) 8)
  • Offer booking of tandems and jump courses on your website
  • Allow fun jumpers to manage their account and / or review their jumps
  • All files needed to run the Online-Tools on your own server
  • Needs at least DZ-Manager Professional
Rented / monthly
USD 42.29
Enterprise features / modules  
DZ-Manager Professional is a complete manifesting and drop zone management software with lots of features and functions. Over 99% of all features are part of the regular DZ-Manager application or the DZ-Manager Online-Tools. Customers of either software can use them without any additional fees.

However some features – we call them Enterprise features – are not part of the regular packages for the following reasons
  • They were implemented for very huge dropzones or very special workflows
  • Hence they are only useful for very few of our customers
To keep the price of the regular software packages in a reasonable range and don’t force customers to pay for features they have no use for we make these Enterprise features available as separate modules. Those features can either be paid once or via a monthly fee.

Feature / ModuleDescription
Features Package 'Enterprise Booking'This package contains several features that are related to appointments / bookings:
  • Translate appointment description
  • Attach customized files to confirmation mails
  • Days in calendar have different colors depending on availability
  • Filter appointments on application start
  • Different categories Online and in-App
  • Be able to edit appointments
  • Print combos of vouchers and confirmations
  • Fee per paymentsource for online payments
By choosing the "Enterprise Booking" package you can get a discount of up to 50% compared to what you would pay if you purchase each feature separately.

More details available in English and German

Rented / monthly 1) 8)
USD 54.36
Features Package 'Enterprise Manifesting'This package contains several features that are related to manifesting / managing lifts:
  • Lift & Break Planner
  • Hide lifts of certain aircrafts
  • Enhanced Team-Management (better menu)
  • Be able to configure lifts-tab layout (view-modes)
  • Anonymize data of skydivers with one click of a button (GDPR / DSGVO)
By choosing the "Enterprise Manifesting" package you can get a discount of up to 50% compared to what you would pay if you purchase each feature separately.

More details available in English

Rented / monthly 1) 8)
USD 30.20
Payment Fees  
By using the Mollie or Paypal payment providers, it is possible to benefit from the wide range of supported and trusted payment methods
There are also no monthly or payout-fees; using Mollie or Paypal as payment provider is based only on ‘per transaction’ fees, which is a percentage of the amount booked.

Price 1) 8)
  • A free merchant account with Mollie or PayPal is needed before accepting payments
  • There are no monthly or payout-fees
  • PayPal will charge the dropzone directly with their actual fees
  • net&rights GmbH / DZ-Manager will charge the dropzone directly with their actual fees
  • The amount charged will be a percentage of total booking amount
Percent of transaction amt 0,25%
Custom features  
If you are missing a feature or function we will happily add it on your request. If all our customers will benefit from it we will add it for free, otherwise we will be happy to estimate a price after discussing what you need.

Price 1) 8)
  • Custom report or interface
  • New function
  • Your own logo in DzM-POS-Mode or for the Online-Tools
  • whatever you need and can think of...
from USD 0.-
to more than USD 9,999.-
depending time and effort

DZ-Cloud is a family of software and services hosted on our servers.
Redirector (Web)  free  
Routing requests to a PC / server at the dropzone (Details / Installation-guide).

Price 1) 8)
  • Forwarding all incoming web-requests to PC / Server at the dropzone
  • Dropzones with dynamic IP can still make Online-Tools available
  • No need to operate a dedicated server on the internet
  • Dropzone is reachable via custom specific Dz-cloud-FQDN, e.g.
  • See DZ-Cloud page for some of the dropzones using this service
free USD 0.-
Database  free  
A database hosted in the DZ-Cloud. DZ-Manager is installed on customer's PC and connects via Web-Service.

Version Description
Price 1) 8)
Standard database
  • one DZ-Manager database
Rented / monthly
USD 0.-
Enterprise database
  • one DZ-Manager database
  • nightly automatic backup
  • one free database restore per month
Rented / monthly
USD 12.08
DZ-Manager Online-Tools hosted in the DZ-Cloud

Version Description
Price 1) 8)
  • Hosting your Online-Tools in our datacenter
  • Uses a DZ-Cloud database to store your data
  • Needs at least DZ-Manager Professional
Rented / monthly
USD 54.37
  • Same features as DZ-Cloud Online-Tools Professional
  • For customers of the free DZ-Manager
    Community Edition
Rented / monthly
USD 78.54
PC / Server  
Your own virtual Windows PC which you can use to run DZ-Manager as well manage the Online-Tools.
More details available in English and German.

Version Description
Price 1) 8)
  • Windows 10 Pro operating system
  • Connect via RemoteDesktop
  • Use for manifesting and managing skydivers
  • Comes with the free DZ-Manager Community edition pre-installed
  • Can also be used with own DZ-Manager Professional edition
Rented / monthly
USD 23.56
PC + DzM Pro
  • Same as the Cloud-PC
  • Plus a license of DZ-Manager Professional
Rented / monthly
USD 47.73
PC + DzM Pro & Load-Viewer
  • Same as the Cloud-PC
  • Plus a license of DZ-Manager Professional
  • Plus a license of DZ-Manager Load-Viewer
Rented / monthly
USD 65.85

We offer all kinds of services regarding operation of a dropzone and computers like configuration, staff training and
manifesting as well.
Support / Training  
If you need support in setting up your system or training your staff, you can hire us to help you. We also offer ready-to-go solutions: order your PC with us and you are ready to manifest once it arrives.

Price 1) 8)
  • Configure DZ-Manager
  • Install computers and network
  • Train staff
  • everything else you need ...
per hour USD 108.75
per day 2) USD 1,087.-
If you need help for a special event or boogie we are available to assist or run your manifest. It is also a good training method for your staff to look over our shoulder how we implement your workflows using DZ-Manager.
Ask us for special prices if you are OK with us positioning wind-blades and advertisements during the event.

Price 1) 8)
  • Up to two members of our staff, inlcuding hardware2)
  • Unlimited DZ-Manager Professional licenses included
  • Hardware for self-manifesting included
  • One free day for setting up the system if the event is at least 3 days long
per day 2) USD 1,087.-
Working for over 300 dropzones around the world within the last 10 years has provided us with a lot of experience regarding how to setup an efficient dropzone.
Whether you are setting up a new dropzone or optimizing an existing one, we love to share our thoughts and ideas.

Price 1) 8)
  • Create custom workflows
  • Advice on infrastructure
  • Everything else you need assistance with
per hour USD 108.75
per day 2) USD 1,087.-

1)  plus 19 % German VAT for German invoice recipient and EU-residents without valid VAT-identification-number;
     invoice recipient from non-EU countries, e.g. USA, will not be charged with VAT.
2)  if service is provided 'on site' (= not online) cost of travel and accommodation come in addition.
3)  for every 5 full professional licenses you purchase you get one license free, e.g. you get 6 licenses for the price of 5
4)  for each concurrent connection to your database at one drop zone, installation of the software is allowed on an unlimited number of PCs.
     (so called floating licensing model)
5)  we give a discount for every license of a competing product that is traded in when purchasing a lifetime DZ-Manager license;
     if your product is not available to be chosen, we will come back to you with an offer but as
     a rule of thumb: the discount will be around 25% of what the competing product was originally purchased for.
6)  you can find your customer number in the DZ-Manager about menu and in your original registration eMail. If unsure put in -1 and we will contact you if needed
7)  License agreement (All but Germany)  /  Lizenzvertrag (Deutschland)
8)  All invoices are billed in EUR; if you are viewing prices in other currencies than EUR, the exchange rate is an estimate and may change in the future.

If you have questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us at
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