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Apply for one or more licenses of our sexy manifesting software DZ-Manager or just calculate costs of licensing.
If you are unsure what is the right choice for you check out our Costs & Versions page or send us an eMail.

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DZ-Manager licenses
Kind of version:blankblank
Number of full licenses:  3)blank x USD 39.26  1) 2) 8)
Number of load-viewer licenses:blank x USD 22.44  1) 2) 8)
Total number of licenses:  4)blank2
Duration of licenses:blank
Discount:  3) 5)None - select more full licenses
Amount to pay (monthly):blankUSD 62.-

Applying dropzone
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1)  plus 19 % German VAT for German invoice recipient and EU-residents without valid VAT-identification-number;
     invoice recipient from non-EU countries, e.g. USA, will not be charged with VAT.
2)  if service is provided 'on site' (= not online) cost of travel and accommodation come in addition.
3)  for every 5 full professional licenses you purchase you get one license free, e.g. you get 6 licenses for the price of 5
4)  for each concurrent connection to your database at one drop zone, installation of the software is allowed on an unlimited number of PCs.
     (so called floating licensing model)
5)  we give a discount for every license of a competing product that is traded in when purchasing a lifetime DZ-Manager license;
     if your product is not available to be chosen, we will come back to you with an offer but as
     a rule of thumb: the discount will be around 25% of what the competing product was originally purchased for.
6)  you can find your customer number in the DZ-Manager about menu and in your original registration eMail. If unsure put in -1 and we will contact you if needed
7)  License agreement (All but Germany)  /  Lizenzvertrag (Deutschland)
8)  All invoices are billed in EUR; if you are viewing prices in other currencies than EUR, the exchange rate is an estimate and may change in the future.

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