Self-Manifesting / POS- or Kiosk-Mode
DZ-Manager includes a virtual Manifest- / Clipboard where skydivers can manifest themselves.
It comes with DZ-Manager Professional Version at no extra costs.

And even if the manifesters can move jumpers between loads at all times on their PCs, the POS -Mode offers your customers to generally manage and monitor their skydiving time themselves. It is the perfect addition to the DZ-Manager Online-Tools web site.

Using the DZ-Manager POS-Mode a skydiver can manifest himself in less then 10 seconds:
  • Scan a DzM-Card
  • Select "Next available life" or pick a lift from a list
  • Confirm height

DZ-Manager POS-Mode also relieves your manifest from at least 60 % of the jumpers so they only have to deal with special cases like students and tandems.

Measuring has shown that it will save up to USD 20.000,00 of staff salary per season if jumpers manifest themselves. As a result a major US drop zone is able to offer jumpers a 10 % discount on all jumps manifested via DZ-Manager POS-Mode.

Skydivers can even see the lifts they are manifested on as well as their balance after scanning their DzM-Card.

Last but not least the POS-Mode and the Load-List can be combined on the same PC.

The Load -List then works like a screensaver: if the workstation is not used for some time DZ-Manager switches to the load-list. If a jumper scans his DzM-Card, DZ-Manager switches to the POS-Mode and the jumper can manifest himself and other jumpers.


Scan a DzM-Card


Choose lift



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