Welcome to DZ-Manager, the sexy manifesting software
DZ-Manager or "dropzone manager" is the leading manifesting and drop zone management software for the skydiving industry -
DZ-Manager satisfies drop zones and skydivers for more than nine years and is used around the world on more than 380 drop zones. It is the only Skydive Dropzone Manifest Software that is being maintained and is not just a custom solution running on one or two drop zones. Benefit from the skydive manifesting experience and stability that results from years of working "in the field" and start using DZ-Manager - the best drop zone manifesting software - today.

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DZ-Manager is available in three different versions:
  • A personal version, which runs on a single PC and is free of charge.
  • A professional version, which can be used to connect multiple workstations as well as web sites to the same database.
  • A rented version, which is paid per month
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Some of DZ-Manager's key features are:
  • It uses a database to store all data. The database can be located on a local PC or on a remote database-server (MySql or Web-Service*).
  • An endless number of workstations can be connected to the system via a network (cable and wireless) to enter, change and monitor what´s going on on the dz.*
  • It has a very intuitive user interface, where you just drag&drop the elements where you want them
    (e.g. drop a skydiver on a group to manifest him and make him member of this group)
  • It uses over 100 different icons to display the status of lifts / groups and skydivers, making the GUI colorful and sexy.
  • It prints load-lists, waivers, jump certificates, reports and much more using templates. This means you can make every print-out look exactly as you want.
  • Dynamic webpages and scripts can access the database. For example you can use the DZ-Manager Online-Tools to allow people to book jumps or courses, see the actual load-list and much more, over the internet.*
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Get an impression by looking at some screenshots:
User interface
Sketch of an implementation

To obtain your free copy of DZ-Manager apply here or send us an eMail to info@dz-manager.com if you need assistance.

* only professional version

If you have questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us at info@dz-manager.com
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