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In the dropzone cloud you can find drop zones that allow web-based access to their business via the DZ-Manager Online-Tools.

Available 24/7

Fallschirmsportverein Magdeburg, GermanyViewManageBookManage
My - SkyConcept (Ailertchen), GermanyViewManageBookManage
Skydive Varrelbusch - Fallschirmsportgruppe Wildeshausen e.V.ViewManageBook
GoJump Berlin, Germany
Cercle Para Luxembourg, LuxembourgViewManageBook
Skydive Hildesheim, GermanyViewManageBookManage
Southsidebase, Germany
Pink-Skyvan-Boogies Zweibrücken, GermanyViewManageBook
Skydive Luzern, Beromünster, SwitzerlandViewManageBook
Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge, NetherlandsViewManageBookManage
Okanagan Skydive Ltd., CanadaViewManageBook
Paraclub Eelde Hoogeveen, NetherlandsView
Skydive Kentucky, USAViewManageBook

Only available while operating / jumping

Ramblers Parachute Centre, AustraliaViewManage

About services are provided by net&rights GmbH to help users of DZ-Manager manifesting software providing an even better service to their jumpers and customers. Available products are:
  • DZ-Cloud Online-Tools: DZ-Manager Online-Tools hosted in the DZ-Cloud
  • DZ-Manager database: A database hosted in the DZ-Cloud. DZ-Manager is installed on customer's PC and connects via Web-Service
  • DzM Online-Tools redirector: routing requests to a PC / server at the dropzone (Details / Installation-guide)

Despite the name no data must be stored in the cloud. You can keep all data save at your dropzone or office when using the Online-Tools redirector service.

All services exist in a basic (=free of cost) and a premium version. See your personal DZ-Cloud-Page for booked as well as available products or contact us for more information.

Please also be aware that even if dropzones can offer functions like
  • Booking of appointments and gift certificates (Tandem vouchers)
  • Viewing the Load-List and self-manifesting
  • Skydiver’s account review and management (Reports & Recharging)
  • Staff job management
via the DZ-Manager Online-Tools, not all dropzones use all modules or list their dropzone here.

For testing and playing purposes we have setup a demo site where you can
If you want to get your own free dz-cloud-address and have your dropzone to be listed here, please contact us.

If you have questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us at
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