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In the dropzone cloud you can find drop zones that allow web-based access to their business via the DZ-Manager Online-Tools.

Available 24/7

Fallschirmsportverein Magdeburg, GermanyViewManageBookManage
My - SkyConcept (Ailertchen), GermanyViewManageBookManage
Skydive Varrelbusch - Fallschirmsportgruppe Wildeshausen e.V.ViewManageBook
GoJump Berlin, Germany
Cercle Para Luxembourg, LuxembourgViewManageBook
Skydive Hildesheim, GermanyViewManageBookManage
Southsidebase, Germany
Paraclub Eelde Hoogeveen, NetherlandsView
Okanagan Skydive Ltd., CanadaViewManageBook
Skydive Luzern, Beromünster, SwitzerlandViewManageBook
Skydive Kentucky, USAViewManageBook
Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge, NetherlandsViewManageBookManage
Pink-Skyvan-Boogies Zweibrücken, GermanyViewManageBook

Only available while operating / jumping

Ramblers Parachute Centre, AustraliaViewManage

About services are provided by net&rights GmbH to help users of DZ-Manager manifesting software providing an even better service to their jumpers and customers. Available products are:
  • DZ-Cloud Online-Tools: DZ-Manager Online-Tools hosted in the DZ-Cloud
  • DZ-Manager database: A database hosted in the DZ-Cloud. DZ-Manager is installed on customer's PC and connects via Web-Service
  • DzM Online-Tools redirector: routing requests to a PC / server at the dropzone (Details / Installation-guide)

Despite the name no data must be stored in the cloud. You can keep all data save at your dropzone or office when using the Online-Tools redirector service.

All services exist in a basic (=free of cost) and a premium version. See your personal DZ-Cloud-Page for booked as well as available products or contact us for more information.

Please also be aware that even if dropzones can offer functions like
  • Booking of appointments and gift certificates (Tandem vouchers)
  • Viewing the Load-List and self-manifesting
  • Skydiver’s account review and management (Reports & Recharging)
  • Staff job management
via the DZ-Manager Online-Tools, not all dropzones use all modules or list their dropzone here.

For testing and playing purposes we have setup a demo site where you can
If you want to get your own free dz-cloud-address and have your dropzone to be listed here, please contact us.

If you have questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us at
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