DZ-Manager Online-Tools
DZ-Manager Online-Tools is the name of our web-based application that is accessible with web browsers and mobile devices like smart phones.

They consist of a booking-module, a load-viewer, the ability for skydivers to manage their account as well as a manifest / staff-module. This is the way for your skydivers and customers to interact with the system. Using the Online-Tools will save you a lot of work, phone calls and trouble.

Customers of DZ-Manager can purchase a license of the Online-Tools for a monthly fee. You can view and play with our demo here, feel free to create an account or book a jump.



The DZ-Manager Online-Tools can either be used as a stand-alone web application or can be embedded in your existing web page. The embedded version perfectly fits into any existing webpage, therefore customers will not need to leave the drop zone’s webpage for booking. And certainly all parts / modules like
  • Skydiver account management
  • Booking
  • Load-List
  • Staff module
can be enabled / disabled and configured individually.

Modules / FunctionsLicense includedRequired license
Skydiver account managementcheckmarkcheckmark
Online-Bookings without auto-paymentscheckmarkcheckmark
Online-Bookings with auto-paymentsx-mark
fee per usage
REST Web-Servicecheckmarkcheckmark
with ads
Load-Viewer per Session
(monthly fee or one-time)
Manifest / Staffcheckmarkcheckmark
Professional per Session
(monthly fee or one-time)

Skydiver account management
This part of the tools allows skydivers to
  • create a new account
  • transfer funds onto their jump account from home using a credit card
  • review jumps made in the past at your dropzone
  • create and print waivers before arriving at the dropzone
  • edit personal data like the address
Check out the DZ-Cloud to see it live.

Booking module
This part of the tools allows your customers to book jumps, e.g. Tandems or courses. This has several advantages compared to other ways of booking:
  • customers enter all their data by themselves; no need for your staff to answer eMails / phone calls and keep track of all the bookings
  • customers can choose a certain date for the jump or purchase a gift certificate
  • discounts for big groups or certain weekdays are automatically applied
  • number of slots to be available for booking can be configured very precisely and taken slots will not be available anymore
  • auto-payments: customers / skydivers can directly pay online using payment provider like PayPal fee per usage
Check out the DZ-Cloud to see it live.

This part of the tools allows your jumpers and pilots to monitor their loads.
Check out the DZ-Cloud to see it live.

Manifest / Staff functions
This part of the tools will allow your staff to
  • work from anywhere, on any system, just using a web-browser
  • use functions previously only available in the windows application DZ-Manager
  • possible actions include - beyond others - managing skydivers, looking at accounts & jump lists, managing lifts
  • more functions implemented all the time, check out the actual status

Modules requiring additional licenses per Session
The Load-Viewer and the Staff module are the successors of the DZ-Manager Windows application.
As with the latter we use a so called floating licensing model, meaning a license is only used if
  • a Windows application is started
  • a staff-qualified user executes a staff function via the Online-Tools
This allows customers to use licenses "as you go", giving you the maximum flexibility.

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