DZ-Manager Web-Service
The DZ-Manager product family includes a WCF-Service which offers two different access levels to an underlying DZ-Manager database:
  • Administrator: full read and write access – the owner of the drop zone
  • User: restricted read and write access – a skydiver jumping at the drop zone
This enables 3rd party programs and apps to interact with DZ-Manager in a secure and encrypted way. For example a logbook app can get all jumps from DZ-Manager, relieving the skydiver to enter them by hand at the end of the day.
Or a video cutting software can get all kinds of info about the tandem it is creating a video about.

The DZ-Manager Communication-Services are available via http and https. To wrap the data transported one of the following technics can be used:
  • JSON
  • XML
  • SOAP, described by WSDL
Depending on the operating system and programing language, some ways might be harder to implement as others or have serious (dis-)advantages. Contact us for more information, documentation and support.

These are some examples of 3rd party apps using the DZ-Manager Communication-Services
  • Peregrine Video System (PVS) (Windows) - Video editing software that will create cool tandem videos
  • FuSiPo (Android) - Software to aid pilots in paradropping operations
  • JUMP-Manager (Windows Phone) - Skydiving logbook and jump tracking app
  • ManifestMe (Android) - An app that allows self-manifesting
  • Skydiver’s Logbook (iPhone) - A logbook app

If you want to create an app that consumes the DZ-Manager Web-Service, you will need a web-service to code against. For that matter feel free to create a skydiver account at our demo page.

Interested developers can also apply for our test app "DZ-Manager Web-Service Consumer" including source code. It is a WinForms application, written with Visual Studio 2015, which uses WCF and can
  • Load the record of a skydiver
  • Get a load-list, filtered by different criteria
  • Manifest for a jump and remove slot
  • Create a new skydiver's account

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