Trade-in JumpRun for DZ-Manager licenses
Before DZ-Manager took over the market of drop zone managing and organizing software, JumpRun probably was the manifest software solution in the skydiving industry to use. Although that was over 10 years ago, some dropzones still use the Jumprun Manifest Software Suite, the latest being JumpRun5. Some even still use JumpRun4.

JumpRun, also sometimes called JR, was sold by the original programmer years ago to a business man - just after JR 5.0 was released. At that point development came to a sudden end, leaving many dropzones with a decent solution for that time, but without support and no future vision.
A couple of years later JumpRun was sold to another company, which promised updates within months. But nothing happened and now, even more years later, JR is now an over 10 years old Visual Basic 6 application that does not run on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or any actual Windows Server System without tweaks. Even worse, JumpRun needs an outdated MS-Sql-Server that will not run on any modern operating systems.
This results in Windows XP being the last operating system that is officially supported by JumpRun. Support for Windows XP is ending on April 8, 2014, leaving JR with no actual operation system to run on.

Still today the JumpRun software is being offered for USD 1.999,00 but with no improvements or enhancements whatsoever since the year 2002.
If you compare that to the cost of DZ-Manager you wonder who wants to pay that kind of money.

Don’t get us wrong, JR was a cool piece of software back in its days, but its days came and past - now it won’t even run properly on modern Windows systems (e.g. Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, not to speak of Windows Servers, Mac OS or Linux). JumpRun hasn’t seen any improvements or fixes for over 10 years, leaving its customers with some really crude bugs (e.g. JumpRun will seriously mess with the accounts of skydivers depending on the day of the month).
DZ-Manager (DzM) on the other hand has constantly evolved over the last 8 years, by now offering a free manifest software suite for some drop zones and a multi-workstation and online tandem booking dropzone managing solution for others.

Long story short: if you are using JumpRun - switch to DZ-Manager.

We offer
  • 25% discount for existing licensed customers of JumpRun 5 or any older version still in use
  • free JR to DzM data conversion - even if you decide to go with the free Personal version of DZ-Manager
And if you don’t want to take our word, read some quotes from a major European drop zone - Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge - which was involved in the development of JR5 years ago and still did switch to DZ-Manager.
xxx During the evaluation we asked both management and manifester about their thoughts regarding the switch from JR to DZM four months ago. They were extremely positive. A.O.:
  • DZ-Manager has a very intuitive operation, if I don't know how to do something I can always figure it out by myself
  • In JumpRun it was very easy to make mistakes, in DZ-Manager it's allot harder and if you do, DZM will warn you
  • The menu based operation of DZ-Manager is very intuitive to us
  • In DZ-Manager is much easier to keep an overview of the manifest, especially when using multiple planes
  • I was very much used to working with JumpRun, but after DZ-Manager, I don't want to use JumpRun ever again
Contact us at for information, we will be happy to assist you in the upgrade process.

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