Introduction to DZ-Manager
DZ-Manager is our solution for managing skydiving drop zones.

Whether for small clubs or large commercial drop zones, DZ-Manager offers the perfect solution for dropzones of any size.

DZ-Manager is the leading manifest and drop zone software in the skydiving industry worldwide. Our software facilitates drop zones and has allowed dropzones to administer their businesses efficiently and professionally for more than eight years now.

DZ-Manager is available in a cost-free, slightly limited personal-version and an enhanced network-compatible professional version.

DZ-Manager provides huge advantages for Skydiving Businesses and skydiver alike.

Skydiving Business

The Software
Skydiving business owners can make a huge profit thanks to increased efficiency through the use of a modern software that enhances productivity and shows the activity of the drop zone.


Online Booking
The web based DZ-Manager Online-Tools offer direct bookings for potential customers, from tandem jumps to full courses. The customer data is immediately available in DZ-Manager - so a guest is able to secure his reservation with two mouse clicks.



Skydiver also benefit greatly from DZ-Manager.

DZ-Manager features huge load-lists, which show skydivers the airplane / load they are booked into and at what time their load will go.


POS-Screen / Self-manifesting
Additionally, DZ-Manager offers skydivers the option to manifest themselves on a POS-Screen or view the details of their jump.


Finally, skydivers are able to change and update their bio data, charge their credit card or view load-lists through the Web-based DZ-Manager Online-Tools.

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