Printing and exporting data
With DZ-Manager you can print and export all of your data:
  • Skydivers: e.g. waivers, records and chip card layouts
  • Lifts: e.g. load-lists and manifests
  • Jumps: e.g. jump certificates and logbook pages
  • Accounts: e.g. invoices and account statements
  • Reports: e.g. jump summaries, invoices and statistic data

DZ-Manager accepts templates in the form of html-, txt-, csv- and Microsoft Word- / Excel-files and parses them on demand. This gives you the freedom of having print-outs and exports in your own design.
For example some drop zones print colorful jump certificates for tandem students with one click. Others export a list of all skydivers owing them money into an Excel file. This spreadsheet is then used with the banking software to initiate direct debit withdrawal.

Have a look at some print outs, using different templates that come with DZ-Manager:

A jump certificate
Jump certificate

A waiver

A manifest / load-list
Manifest / load-list

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