The Load-Viewer build into DZ-Manager has been a great tool since the beginning to show actual lifts on big screens around the drop zone so skydivers know when it’s time to board.

DZ-Manager Load-Viewer

It relieves the manifest of most of the time needed to handle jumpers:
  • fun-jumpers can plan for themselves before coming to manifest - no more "where is enough space for us" questions
  • jumpers and tandem passengers can monitor their loads / times - no more "on which load am I and when is it going" questions

The Load-Viewer is part of all versions of DZ-Manager and is build right into the main application. As a result you can even use it with the free Personal version - the minimal setup. However we highly recommend a decent setup so you can display the load list on one computer while you use another one for manifesting.

And to make the DZ-Manager Load-Viewer even better, we sat down with drop zones and thought about ways to improve it. The result is the "Load-Viewer feature pack" available to all customers since autumn 2013.

DZ-Manager Load-Viewer

Enhancements include but are not limited to:
  • Better overview when using more than one aircraft
  • More coloring options, e.g. depending on the work of a jumper does or the aircraft used
  • Even more options to configure the appearance and to filter lifts
  • Live configuration with preview
  • Ability to manage jumps and lifts directly on the screen

If you have questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us at info@dz-manager.com
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